How to Make Money on Instagram EASY! – 2016

How To Make Money On Instagram The photo-oriented social media website Instagram has been in a growth period when it comes to users. It now has 400 million users, with 75 million visiting the website daily. With those figures, it is no surprise that brands have started to target Instagram as a major part of Read more about How to Make Money on Instagram EASY! – 2016[…]

What Counts as “Fair Use” on YouTube

What is “Fair Use?” Copyright infringement is naturally a major issue for Youtubers. Commercially available songs, videos, and movies are uploaded daily to the website and made available for download. Memes, such as Youtube Poop, typically use copyrighted material in their production. The line between copyright infringement and fair use can be blurry, and regardless of Read more about What Counts as “Fair Use” on YouTube[…]

Trademark vs. Copyright

Trademark vs. Copyright Trademark and Copyright are both means of protecting your intellectual property, but they have some distinct differences. In this post we’re going to briefly take a look at those differences and explore the scenarios in which you would need each one. Trademark: According to LegalZoom “a trademark protects names, terms and symbols Read more about Trademark vs. Copyright[…]