September 27, 2016

How to Make Money on Instagram EASY! – 2016

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How To Make Money On Instagram

How to make money on InstagramThe photo-oriented social media website Instagram has been in a growth period when it comes to users. It now has 400 million users, with 75 million visiting the website daily. With those figures, it is no surprise that brands have started to target Instagram as a major part of their social media marketing.
For smaller marketers, it’s a great time to focus your attention on learning how to make money on Instagram.
To make money, you need to have a decent sized following. [READ: How to Get Followers on Instagram FAST] First, some quick tips: Your bio should include at least what your posts are about and possibly where you’re from. You will have to make quality posts at least once daily (3 times a day is most ideal). You will need to use the best hashtags possible to make sure you get the proper circulation of your photographs (check out for some inspiration). You will have to engage with the website doing things such as commenting on and liking other people’s photos.

Affiliate Marketing
With affiliate marketing, you sell a company’s products online and get a commission for every sale you make. You will have a unique URL that allows you to get credit for sales. On Instagram, you post attractive images of products for sale and include your affiliate URL. If you can think of a brand that you think your audience would like to purchase from, check out their website and see if they have any information for affiliate marketers. Most companies these days do. Alternatively, you can register at ClickBank to find countless products to promote.

Sell Photos
This is an obvious one. If you’re a great photographer you can post about the photographs that you have up for sale. Use the caption to let people know where the photos can be purchased. And remember to use the proper hashtags to get the photos seen by the most people.

Sell Products and Services
Another example of how to make money on Instagram is to promote the products and services that your business provides. Instagram is a chance for potential customers to connect with a brand so content like, behind the scenes photos have proven to be effective. This can be done by yourself or your employees. Engaging potential customers and getting them informed about the products that you sell is now a crucial part of modern marketing.

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