May 26, 2016

What is a Vlog? – An In-Depth Explanation

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What is a Vlog?

What is a Vlog? : YouTube VloggingYou might know what a blog is; perhaps as you were reading a blog, you stumbled upon the word: vlog. What is a vlog? Well, it is simply a video blog where you capture your blog posts on video.

What You Should Know About Vlogs

The first thing you should know about a vlogs is that they are still in their early years. Many bloggers have not jumped full force into the world of vlogging, even though it is becoming a lot easier. Getting into the vlogosphere might be a wise decision because the competition is comparatively low.

The following advancements in technology have helped propel vlogs forward:

  • Smart phones with outstanding video-capturing technology
  • Free video editing programs, like Windows Movie Maker or iMovie
  • Sites that host videos for free like YouTube

Why is Vlogging Getting So Much Attention?

The simple fact is that people would rather watch something than read because it is easier and entertaining. A survey was taken to see just how much vlogs mattered to people, and it revealed that 40 percent of internet users between 35 to 44 are watching vlogs at least once a month.

Another reason that vlogging is interesting to new generations of internet users is because people are generally curious. They are interested in knowing more about the people producing their content; what they look like, how they sound, what their personality is like, etc.

What Kind of Content Can You Create?

What is a vlog other than a venue to express an opinion. You can talk about whatever your heart desires; current politics, the latest blockbuster movie, or just your daily life.

You can be as strange or typical as you want. The point is to be yourself because–just like a blog–people are hungry to hear a unique voice, and that is what you are giving to your audience.

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