35 INSANELY POPULAR YouTube Video Ideas

YouTube Video Ideas

YouTube Video IdeasYouTube videos are quickly becoming one of the easiest ways to reach a large audience. They are digestible and more likely to go viral than articles. There are many interesting YouTube video ideas that could draw the attention of the general public. Some of these YouTube video ideas may have been done before, but if an individual puts his or her own personal touch and charisma to the topic, they can certainly expect that people will want to hear what they have to say.

  1. Things people have said on a date
  2. Worst first dates
  3. Most awkward ways to hit on a girl
  4. People who stare at girls too much
  5. How to know your girlfriend is cheating
  6. How to catch your girlfriend cheating
  7. When to break up
  8. When your girlfriend is afraid to tell you that she wants to break up
  9. When you are in an abusive relationship
  10. How to tell if you are too manipulative
  11. Wildest bucket list ideas
  12. Best food in the United States
  13. Your parents fashion trends
  14. The fashion trends of your children
  15. How fashion has changed in the last ten years
  16. People at Walmart
  17. How to tell if I like you
  18. How to tell if I dislike you
  19. When you should ask her out
  20. When you should not ask her out
  21. Ideas for Spring Break
  22. What to do in your down time
  23. Things people say in the elevator
  24. How to break the ice
  25. Moods throughout the week
  26. Weekend activities
  27. Why you should play sports
  28. How to know when you play too many video games
  29. How to know when you need a vacation
  30. Annoying things parents say
  31. Annoying things teachers say
  32. Annoying things your friends say
  33. How to tell your friend that she talks too much
  34. How to tell if you talk to too much
  35. When screaming is appropriate

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