September 20, 2017

How to Determine Your YouTube Channel’s Active Subscriber Count

Active Subscriber Count

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So you can see how many subscribers your channel has, and you can average out the number of views your videos get, but how can you figure out your active subscriber count? That is, what is the number of people who are subscribed to your YouTube channel that you could consider active viewers? Well, unfortunately, YouTube doesn’t list this statistic anywhere in your analytics, so let’s go through and look at a few different ways we might be able to figure out your active subscriber count.

1. The average view : subscriber ratio…

The average channel gets 14 views per video for every 100 subscribers it has. Now, we’re not sure that means you can call those 100 subscribers active, but if your ratio is lower than that, your channel is probably not in great standing. For instance, say you get 100 views per video on average. You would expect, then, for your channel to have about 715 subscribers. If you have less than that, that’s a great ratio, but if you have more subscribers than that you may have a number of inactive subscribers.

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2. Take a video average of subscriber-only views…

Go to your YouTube analytics overview tab, change your date range to the last 90 days, and filter by just subscribers. Now, take a look the number of views you got from your subscribers over that time period and divide that number by the number of videos you uploaded in that time-frame. This will give you an idea of how many of your subscribers watch each video.

Now, neither of these ways will conclusively give you a number to look at and say “that’s my exact active subscriber count,” but doing both of these ways will give you a fairly good idea. But of course, more important than your subscriber count is the number of views your videos are getting. If you get a decent amount of views per video, it doesn’t really matter how many subscribers you have.

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