September 29, 2017

Get FREE YouTube Subs! – (Easy and Fast!) 2017

Get Free YouTube Subs

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The most important thing about the people who subscribe to you on YouTube is that they are actually real people that really like and watch your content. And the problem with most websites that tell you how to get free YouTube subs is that their advice almost never does get you the real subscribers you need.

Sometimes you’ll get bots to subscribe to you, which isn’t helpful because if they don’t watch your videos then you’re not getting any closer to actually making a living off of YouTube because YouTube doesn’t pay you based on your subscriber count, they pay you for the real views your videos get (i.e. not bot views you paid for). Sometimes these free sites have a SubscriberTrain model where you subscribe to some people and get other people to subscribe to you, but… this is a terrible way to grow your channel also. Almost none of the people who subscribe to you from a subscriber train will watch your videos so you have the same problem as before.

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If only there were a free way to get real subscribers…

There are two actually!

  1. Collaborate! First, find other YouTubers who are a similar size and who make similar content. Then make some videos with them to cross-pollinate your audiences.
  2. Cross-Promote! Even easier than collaborating because all this means is find a channel like before that’s a similar size and that makes similar content to your own. Then just trade shoutouts on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, SnapChat, etc. It’s a little less effective but much easier way to cross-pollinate your audience with another channel.

In both of these methods, you’re gaining real subscribers who actually like your content for free.

But finding the perfect channel to collaborate or cross promote with can be hard…

So, we here at SideKick built a FREE collaboration tool to make finding channels who are a similar size and who make similar content as easy as the push of a button making it easy to get free YouTube subs! All you have to do it setup your free SideKick account and let the system analyze your channel! Then it will quickly display a whole list of other YouTubers it thinks you should collaborate with! You can filter and sort through the list to customize your results. Then when you find a channel you want to collaborate with you can use the site’s built-in private messenger to set up your collaboration or cross-promotion.

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Click here to learn more about SideKick’s FREE collaboration tool, or click the blue “Join” button in the menu to get started!

Carl and Ben have been producing new-media content for over 3 years. Having made over 500 YouTube videos and built up an audience of thousands of fans, making them experts in the space.

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