September 20, 2017

Want to Know How Much YouTubers Make Per View? – It’s Less Than You Think

How Much YouTubers Make Per View

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So you want to know how much YouTubers make per view? It’s actually fairly easy to calculate, and the answer may surprise you. Regardless of how many views a YouTuber gets (whether it’s 100 views per video or 100,000), they’d be lucky to make $0.002 per view.

So how did we get that number?

It’s a pretty straightforward calculation. Let me introduce you to the concept of CPMs or cost per 1000 ad impressions. YouTubers make money from the ads that play before or around their videos. The CPM is the amount an advertiser pays to have their ad seen by 1000 people. On YouTube, the average CPM is about $2. So even if every view on a YouTuber’s video had an ad impression accompany it (which is nearly impossible because things like closed or skipped ads don’t count), they would make $2 per 1000 views or $0.002 per view. What they really make is typically somewhere between $0.001 and $0.0015 per view.

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So how much might they make per video then?

Again, not much. The average channel gets about 14 views per video for every 100 subscribers it has. So if you need about 800 views to make $1, a channel with a little under 6,000 subscribers makes about $1 per video.

And a channel with 1,000,000 subscribers only makes about $166 per video.

So how do they do YouTube for their careers?

They make money other ways… Their either have their fans support them directly with things like Patreon, they sell merch like posters and t-shirts, they get sponsored by companies to make promotional content, etc.

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YouTubers regularly make free content for their viewers to enjoy, and they don’t make much from YouTube ads, which is why, if you can afford it, you should support them directly with crowdfunding or by buying their merch and you shouldn’t get upset with them for creating sponsored content.

Now that you know how much YouTubers make per view and that it’s not much, if you want to know more about how to actually make money on YouTube, read this post next!

Carl and Ben have been producing new-media content for over 3 years. Having made over 500 YouTube videos and built up an audience of thousands of fans, making them experts in the space.

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