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How to Collaborate With Other YouTubers


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What is SideKick Collab?

As small YouTubers, we know how hard it is to grow an audience, and gain exposure. But as you already know, collaborating is one of the best ways to build an organic audience, unlike sub4sub or subscriber trains. So the first step to learning how to collaborate with other YouTubers is learning how to find the best people to collaborate with.

Often, it can be difficult to find the perfect channel to collaborate with. That’s where SideKick comes in. When you join our community, SideKick gathers information about your channel to pair you up with other channels who make similar content and have a similar sized audience to yours. You can then look at each channel and decide whether or not you want to collab. If you do, you can use SideKick’s built-in messenger to talk to the other channel.

Then it’s as easy as deciding what videos you want to make, and just getting together and making them! We do all the hard work for you, 100% free!

How it works


    In 3 clicks your account will be created, and you can instantly begin looking for collaborations.

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