Grow on Social Media

There used to be more tabs on this page, but as you can tell, this is all that’s left.

During the summer of 2015, we had an idea for a tool that could help small YouTubers easily find other passionate creators to collaborate with. We went through the entire planning stage and got really excited because of all the ideas we were having, but then the summer ended and Carl went back to school, and Ben moved to Los Angeles and the project got pushed to the back.

Then about a year and a half later we randomly picked the project up again, refreshed our ideas and developed an actual working version. We saw a lot of excitement from the community around our idea and eventually, we had enough going for us that we could hire a development team to really bring our idea to life. This spawned the second and final version of the site you’re on right now, SideKick Collab.

Well, we didn’t feel like stopping there. We had a ton more ideas for tools that would help small YouTubers grow! The problem was they didn’t really have anything to do with collaboration so putting them on a site called SideKick Collab didn’t make a ton of sense.

So around about the end of 2017, we started developing a new site that would have all of the same collaboration features but would also have room to grow beyond them, and when it was done we shut down SideKick Collab. Since then we have added numerous tools from help with generating video ideas, to optimizing your channel and your uploads, to cultivating your “Super Fans”, to uploading at the best time, to understanding your analytics and making better videos, and so much more!

And the best thing is, we’re adding new stuff to it all the time!

It’s called Social Mushroom, and we really think you should give it a look!

Thanks! 🙂

Social Mushroom!