October 1, 2017

How to View Your YouTube Subscribers List (And Why It’s Important!)

YouTube Subscribers List

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So you probably already know that there’s a way to view your YouTube subscribers list, but maybe you can’t remember how to find it. Or maybe you can’t remember why it’s important… Well, both of those problems are easily remedied.

How to find your YouTube subscribers list:

  1. On any page on YouTube you can click on your channel’s icon in the top right corner of the page… so do that!
  2. In that drop-down, click “Creator Studio.”
  3. Now, in the left sidebar, you should see the “Community” tab. Click that!
  4. When the page loads you should see under the “Community” tab in the left sidebar, there’s now a list of sub-menus, one of them being “Subscribers!” So click “Subscribers.”
  5. That’s it! Now you’re looking at a list of the people who subscribe to your channel, most likely ordered by how recently they subscribed to you.
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So… what now?

Why is it important to view who’s subscribed to you on YouTube? You may have noticed the little drop-down near the top right of the page that says “Most recent”. Click it, and click “Most popular” instead. What this does is it changes the order of your subscribers list from most recent to most subscribed. The subscribers that have the most subscribers of their own show up first!

Go over this list of channels in detail. How many subscribers do you have? How many subscribers do these channels have? Do any of the channels with a similar number of subscribers to you make content that’s similar to your own?

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If you can find channels that are subscribed to you that have a similar number of subscribers and who make similar content to yours, you should get in touch with them and consider collaborating or giving each other shoutouts to grow both of your channels.

What if you want to find more channels to collaborate or trade shoutouts with?

If your YouTube subscribers list doesn’t turn up a ton of quality results, don’t worry! SideKick Collab has a completely FREE tool that makes finding the perfect channels to collaborate or cross-promote with easy!

All you do is login with your YouTube account and let the system analyze your channel. Then it immediately shows you a list of other channels that have a similar audience and who make similar content. You can filter and sort through these results, and when you find a channel you like you can use the site’s built-in messenger to set up your collaboration!

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Click here to learn more about SideKick’s FREE YouTube collaboration tool, or click the blue “Join” button in the menu to get started!

Carl and Ben have been producing new-media content for over 3 years. Having made over 500 YouTube videos and built up an audience of thousands of fans, making them experts in the space.

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